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Elgin County Drowning Prevention Coalition Awareness

Elgin County Drowning Prevention Coalition is asking the public to take precaution this water season. 

Drowning is fast, silent and preventable.

  • 1. Never leave children alone near water

  • 2. Stay within arms’ reach of toddlers and non-swimmers.

  • 3. Stay by the water’s edge.

  • 4. Watch every child. Enlist help if needed.

  • 5. Make sure non-swimmers wear lifejackets.


Elgin County Drowning Prevention Coalition Water Safety Tips:

Learn to swim: find local swim lesson programming to ensure proper swim skills and safety knowledge

Always swim with a buddy: never swim alone

Wear a lifejacket: children and those who do not know how to swim should wear lifejackets while boating and swimming in aquatic settings

Learn/ know your environment: it is so important to understand the dangers of rip currents, rocks, local rules, and how weather changes can affect conditions.

It is important to continue conversations regarding water safety and drowning prevention with those of all ages. If you see someone in distress, call 9-1-1 or alert a lifeguard on duty. Do not put yourself at unnecessary risk.

Active Supervision: stay within arms reach of all children while swimming, and never be on your phone while supervising. Drowning can occur within seconds. Active super

  • Use the OnGuard card to know who is responsible for the supervision of all children.

  • Keep your eyes on young children at all times around water. And stay close – within arms’ reach.

  • For extra protection, especially if you are watching more than one child, have children under five and weak swimmers wear life jackets when playing in and around water. While boating, always wear your own lifejacket and ensure children are outfitted with life jackets that fit them properly.


For more information on the Elgin County Drowning Prevention Coalition, click HERE