National Youth Forum on Parliament Hill

June 8, 2018

The Forum for Young Canadians are seeking Young Leaders to Participate in a National Youth Forum on Parliament Hill!

Forum for Young Canadians is Canada’s premier civic education program for students aged 15-19 years. Forum welcomes over 100 students per week to Ottawa for an intensive academic experience, immersing them in the exciting world of national politics and public affairs. Participants meet and interact with Senators, Members of Parliament and other decision- makers who impact their daily lives. After more than 40 years, this program remains central to the continuation of informed and active citizenship in Canada.

Do you know any Canadian youth who are interested in politics or who want to create positive change in their communities?

Forum for Young Canadian is looking for engaged students to share this passion on Parliament Hill.

Scholarships are available. Please visit for more information.

Please send any questions you may have to