Local Leaders Meet To Discuss Needs In EML

January 12, 2018

For immediate Release

From the constituency office of Karen Vecchio
Member of Parliament for Elgin-Middlesex-London


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Local leaders meet to discuss needs in eml

Local Government officials met with Member of Parliament for Elgin-Middlesex-London, Karen Vecchio, for their annual Municipal Leaders Meeting on Wednesday. Mayors and CAOs from across Elgin County, Thames Centre and the City of London participated in the discussion.

“It is important that we sit down as a group to discuss what the local issues are and how we can work together in the region,” said MP Vecchio. “Our communities work very well together and keeping all levels of government on the same page is key.”

Topics of the discussion ranged from infrastructure needs to the communities’ response to the legalization of marijuana.

Vecchio, the Shadow Minister for Families, Children and Social Development, received a lot of great information regarding seniors’ needs and housing. “Each community is different especially if you are comparing the needs of London to villages in West Elgin or East Elgin. Hearing from the people on the ground who deal with constituents on the local level is where we will find these solutions.”


In the photo: Front Row- Mayor of Aylmer, Greg Currie; City of London Development Services, Roxanne McDougall; Deputy Mayor, Bob Purcell; Mayor of Southwold, Grant Jones; CAO of Southwold, Lisa Higgs; CAO of Malahide, Michelle Casavecchia-Somers

Back Row- CAO of Central Elgin, Don Leitch; CAO of Aylmer Jenny Reynaert; City Manager for St. Thomas, Wendall Graves; Mayor of Central Elgin, Dave Marr; City of London Manager; Martin Hayward; CAO of Bayham, Paul Shipway; MP Karen Vecchio; Mayor of Thames Centre, Jim Maudsley; CAO of Thames Centre, Stewart Findlater; Mayor of West Elgin, Bernie Wiehle.


Media Relations:
Kaylie Kuipers
Member’s Assistant