Letter to the Editor: Liberal Tax on Employee Discounts

October 12, 2017

Dear Editor,

Once again, the Trudeau Liberals have been caught planning a tax hike on the working Canadians who are already feeling the pinch.

It’s bad enough that the Liberals have raised taxes on the average family by over $800 per year, while their plan to raise taxes on local businesses is putting jobs on the line in communities across Canada.

Now, Canadians have learned that the Trudeau Liberals had planned a new tax on employee discounts.

That’s right: they wanted to make local business owners track the small discounts their workers receive, and collect taxes on it.

It’s a tax on the small perks employees enjoy across the country for the hard work they do. Justin Trudeau and the CRA just see it as more potential revenue.

This is petty and mean-spirited. It’s an attempt to take more money from those who can least afford it, so the Trudeau Liberals can keep paying for their out-of-control spending.

Because of the backlash from concerned Canadian workers, the Trudeau Liberals are trying to conceal this plan behind promised “consultations”. Trudeau himself was forced to back down in a rushed Twitter response.

My question to the residents of Southwestern Ontario is: do you trust Liberal MPs to make sure this plan to hit middle class Canadians with another tax never sees the light of day?

This is just another example of how the Trudeau Liberals are hurting the very people they claim they want to help.

Unlike the Liberals, Canada’s Conservatives want lower taxes for all Canadians.

You can count on us to fight these tax hikes every step of the way.


Karen Vecchio
Member of Parliament