Call For Proposals for Projects That Address Barriers To Women’s Economic Security and Prosperity

October 18, 2017


Ottawa, Ontario – Karen Vecchio, Member of Parliament for Elgin-Middlesex-London, and Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women, is encouraging organizations to apply for Government of Canada funding to support the economic security of women across Canada.

Status of Women Canada has issued two new calls for proposals that will award funding to organizations for projects at the national and regional level that address institutional barriers that limit their economic security.

The first call for proposals is entitled Support for Women’s Economic Security. It will fund projects under two themes, Building Partnerships to Address Systemic Barriers and Increasing Private Sector Leadership and Investments in Women.

The first theme encourages strong collaboration between organizations to address the systemic barriers that prevent women from attaining economic security. These barriers could include issues such as the accessibility of childcare, the wage gap, and pay inequity.

The second theme urges organizations to partner with the private sector to work together to implement solutions that advance women’s economic security. Through these partnerships, the private sector can play a leading role in helping advance gender equality in Canada.

The second call for proposals is entitled Addressing Indigenous Women’s Economic Security and Prosperity, It invites project proposals from Indigenous organizations that will support the economic security and prosperity of Indigenous women across Canada. Projects selected will involve the collaboration of Indigenous women, Indigenous organizations, their communities, and the private sector. The goal is to build on the strengths of Indigenous women, identify opportunities for their economic success, and address issues limiting these opportunities. The projects will also expand community understanding of these issues, and take actions to implement the identified solutions.

Organizations are invited to visit for more information about submitting an application for funding, relevant application deadlines, and a schedule of information sessions.




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